Tartarus is a tense DOCUMENTARY epic that brings the bone chilling, claustrophobic, wet, miserable, awe inspiring search for the Junee Florentine Master cave to the screen for the first time.

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Tartarus follows a team of passionate cavers exploring the caves of Tasmania’s Florentine Valley. They are searching for one of the most inaccessible places in Australia, the Junee Florentine Master Cave. 


TARTARUS: A Sunless abyss, below Hades, in which Zeus imprisoned the Titans


The Florentine Valley is known for its spectacular old growth forests, but beneath the surface lies a hidden world unknown to most - hundreds of small vertical holes in the forest floor lead to a labyrinth of caves, among them the deepest in Australia that attracts hard-core adventurers wanting to put themselves to the test. There are parts that are well explored, but there are also vast areas of virgin territory, the Holy Grail for cavers. For sixty odd years, one cave in particular has eluded all who attempt to find it. 

The cavers and cave divers will descend into the deep abyss of the Florentine Valley and wind their way through sumps and streams, squeezing through unbelievably tight pockets, leaving a guide rope behind them – in their quest to break into new sections of Master Cave. 

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andreas kLOCKER


Andreas is an Oceanographer, data scientist, eternal bachelor and the driving force behind the current exploration of the Junee Florentine.  His escape from the working week is caving which he pursues with a masochistic approach making him perfectly at home in the Junee, the more uncomfortable and terrifying the cave the further away Monday seems to be. 

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alan jackson


Alan is as close as you could find to a true troglodyte, and very comfortable underground having racked up hundreds of hours in the Junee Florentine.  Alan’s sense of humour is as dark as the deepest caves.  Alan is a well respected and experienced caver and a valued member of the exploration team.


petr 'THE MACHINE'  smeJkAl


Petr is the backbone of the expedition.  Known for his stoicism, Petr has an easygoing calm demeanour, that belies the brute strength and endurance that has earned him the nickname “The Machine”, combine this with his lack of ego and you have a caver who is as hard as they come and irreplaceable on large expeditions.

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Steve is a cave diver and engineer based in Victoria who develops equipment for caving and diving expeditions worldwide.  An experienced cave diver. Steve is highly skilled, sensible, reliable and fearless, squeezing, swimming and diving to explore leads that not many others would attempt.

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Serena is one of the most easy going and reliable members of the team, smiling though the most uncomfortable squeezes and always up for adventure. She has amazing stamina and  is someone that can always be counted on to be there when she’s needed the most, especially in emergency situations - Serena volunteers for Search and Rescue, coming to the aid of hikers who find themselves lost in the wilderness. 




Stefan is one of the most respected and accomplished cavers in Australia.  Along with his brother Rolan, Stefan was responsible for the revival of interest in exploration of the Junee Florentine system during the 80s and 90s that saw several huge new discoveries and depth records smashed. 




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Exploration really is the essence of human spirit
— frank borman - apollo 8
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